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KnuckleUp Fitness Plaza

In 2019 we completed a full depth reclamation and repave of the front portion of the property. The property owner had planned to perform the same type of work on the side lot, but due to the economic slowdown, he opted to do a complete sealcoat and re-stripe of the property. The application we used was a one-coat squeegee on the first coat and a spray application on the second. The squeegee coat allows for small cracks and voids to be filled then the second spray coat puts an application of sealer on the top ridges of the pavement, guaranteeing a 100% coverage of material. As on all projects, we used GEMSEAL POLYTAR sealer, which is the most superior sealer available, and provides a nice black coating that is very durable. This project is an example for property owners that might not have the funds to repave but would like to enhance the curb appeal of their property.

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