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Welcome To The Atlanta Area Whataburger!!

The Atlanta area is abuzz with the arrival of the Whataburger franchise. Known to have the best hamburgers in the country, this chain has invaded Atlanta with plans to open approximately 44 new stores. We have been honored to be one of their contractors of choice, with 4 under contract as of now and many more to come. The first on our list was the location in Woodstock, GA. This project was a challenge since we had to complete it during the late December and the first week of January. This is not ideal weather conditions to be placing rock base and asphalt, but we were able to dodge some weather bullets and completed the project to the delight of the owners. The specifications on this project required 6 inches of GAB base material, 2 inches of 19 mm asphalt binder, and 1 ½ inches of 9.5 mm asphalt topping. The finished paving was then striped .

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