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Mansell Crossing

Mansell Crossing is a very large shopping center complex in Alpharetta, GA, just north of Atlanta.  Some of the high profile tenants in this complex include:  Macy’s, AMC Theatres, Toy’s-R-Us, TJ Max, Sports Authority, among others.   The scope of work included the following:  Repair approximately 8,685 square yards of deteriorated asphalt prior to overlaying, full depth mill and pave with 2 inches of asphalt topping approximately 2,410 sq.yds., edge mill and Perma-Flex overlay approximately 57,250 square yards of deteriorated asphalt, crackseal 7,000 lineal feet of cracks, sealcoat approximately 71,800 square yards of pavement, then re-stripe all lines and pavement markings in the paved and sealcoated parking lots and drives. We also replaced all of the faded and old signage on the property, as well as completing numerous concrete repairs.

As always, we met with all tenants prior to the commencement of the work, and provided them with color coded maps and informed them of our game plan in regards to the work.  We also provided all traffic signs, and flagmen to help with traffic flow during the performance of the work.  Needless to say our efforts paid off, since the property owner received ZERO complaints from tenants during the completion of this work, which is unheard of for a job of this size.  The project took approximately 28 days to complete, which included 18 days of milling, repairs and paving (all milling was completed at night), and 10 days of sealcoating and striping.

The total value of this work was a little under $ 1,000,000.

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