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Full Depth Reclamation/Pulverization

When deteriorated asphalt pavements are recycled in place, a technique known as full-depth reclamation can be used. The existing pavement and a pre-determined portion of the underlying base material are milled and pulverized to a depth ranging from 6 to 12 inches or more.

The pulverized material is mixed within the reclaiming machine while stabilization reagents (such as lime or portland cement ) and water are introduced and blended with the pulverized recycled paving aggregate.

The reclaimer is then followed by grading, spreading, and compaction equipment working in the same manner and sequence as if aggregate base materials were delivered and placed at the project site. This provides a base material that is much stronger and longer lasting than that placed in the original construction of the pavement.  After the base preparation has been completed, then a predetermined thickness of hot mix asphalt is placed.

Benefits of full depth reclamation/pulverization include:

  • Reuse of existing materials eliminates disposal problems which means savings to the customer. 
  • Reduction in costs over hauling off asphalt and importing granular base material which again means savings to the customer.
  • Proven to conserve natural resources.
  • Faster project completion times.
  • Facilitates correction of pavement profile.
  • Reduction of heavy trucks on roadways hauling off broken asphalt and hauling in virgin materials.
  • Provides a stronger base than if new materials are brought in, which means a stronger, longer lasting job.

For more information on full depth reclamation, please click HERE.


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