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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Enterprises specializes in small to medium size Atlanta paving projects, and has established itself as one of the elite paving companies in this category in the metro Atlanta area. From small parking lot additions, commercial parking lots, to municipal city streets, we can excavate, haul, grade, install rock, pave, and then stripe your new parking lot.

Our asphalt paving crews are some of the best in the industry. Each of our paving professionals has been with us for 10-15 years and is highly experienced in the installation, maintenance and repair of asphalt pavements. 

The materials, techniques, and equipment we use is second to none. The unmatched commitment we have to our customers is proven by the long term relationships we've built with some of Atlanta's most recognized brands and properties. Take a look at our recently completed projects to view a few of the customers who trust Asphalt Enterprises with their asphalt paving. 

Why Choose Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt pavement is the superior choice for most any roadway, airstrip or parking lot project. It's benefits and natural properties offer superior durability, longer life and less long term maintenance than other pavement alternatives. By chosing asphalt paving for your Atlanta business or property you also save time and money. Furthermore, Asphalt is the most commonly recycled material in the United States making it an eco-friendly choice for our community.

Asphalt's rich black color and smooth finish improve the look of any property, increasing its curb appeal for potential customers, residents and employees. Asphalt's black surface also provides maximum contrast for pavement marking and signs, providing clear visibility and increasing your properties traffic flow efficiency. 

Asphalt Enterprises prides itself on offering expert installation of the best quality pavement money can buy. The superior properties of asphalt combined with the unmatched quality of our asphalt paving process is a winning combination for any metro Atlanta business.

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