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C.R. Bard Phase II

This project is the second phase of a project we completed last year and is featured on our completed projects page here:


C.R. Bard, also known as Bard Medical, is a large medical manufacturing facility in Covington, GA.  As shown in the above link, last year we completed a milling and perma-flex paving project of their main entrance drive and attached employee lot.  This year they budgeted to pave the very large employee lot and truck court and Asphalt Enterprises was fortunate to again perform this work.

The scope of work called for some miscellaneous concrete repairs, repairs prior to the perma-flex overlay, and re-paving the lot with varying depths of perma-flex and asphalt overlays.  The maps below show the areas and square yardage of repairs, and also the required asphalt and perma-flex overlays.  Bard was under a very tight timetable to get this work completed before their capital improvement money ran out.  Asphalt Enterprises was up for the task, expecting to perform this work on a Saturday and Sunday, a week or so before the deadline (work could only be performed on the weekends).  We scheduled the work for June 7th and 8th, with a back-up date for June 14th in case of delays due to weather.  Work started at 5:30 a.m. on Sat. June 7th, and our crews made a huge push and we completed the entire paving portion later that evening on the same day.  70% of the striping was completed and the remainder the next day.  Needless to say, our customer was ecstatic to have such a large job completed in one day. On Monday morning he sent the following e-mail:



I wanted to personally reach out to you this morning to express our gratitude and deep appreciation for the Asphalt Enterprises team’s commitment to completing our project in one day.

Your team has proven that they possess top level commitment, a can do attitude and a willingness to face a challenge head on.

I truly can’t put into words that would describe how impressed we are with the performance of your team on this project.

Asphalt Enterprises has earned the respect of Bard Medical and will continue to be a sought after contractor for any future paving projects at the Bard Medical facilities.



Eddie Huckaby
Facilities Project Leader

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