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Woodstock Crossing—Kroger Shopping Center

This project is another larger Kroger anchored shopping center, owned by a customer who we’ve been doing work for since 1985.

The scope of work consisted of completing approximately 1,245 square yards of full depth replacement of severely deteriorated asphalt prior to the Perma-Flex overlay.  Although Perma-Flex does a tremendous job of delaying the reflective cracking process, if the asphalt is severely buckling and unstable, this asphalt needs to be removed and replaced prior to the Perma-Flex paving process.

Prior to paving, all edges were milled down as per our specifications and the lot cleaned.  This work was performed at night when the lot was empty.  Early the next morning we secured our first work area (one of 3) and applied the required tack coat, then proceeded to pave.  Please note in the pictures below a few things; the first being the compaction of the Perma-Flex, then the asphalt topping.  We used an Ingersoll Rand DD-70 roller which provided enough weight and vibration frequencies to compact the Perma-Flex properly.  The key to proper compaction is to eliminate any air voids in the asphalt mat, and having the proper compaction equipment is the key.  Many of our competitors use too small of a roller during the Perma-Flex course, which can lead to premature failures.  Also the compaction of the asphalt topping course is critical to achieve a smooth surface and also to remove all air voids.

Second, you will notice in the pictures that 3 rollers are in use at all times; one being a breakdown roller, followed by a DOT approved rubber tire roller, then a heavier finish roller.  Again, many of our competitors don’t use this type of equipment and rolling patterns, which results in poor seams, loose aggregate, a less than smooth finish, and premature pavement failures.  It is important to know what type of compaction equipment is used by the contractor before selecting them.  One last thing to notice in the pictures is the use of depth probes in making sure the asphalt is laid at the proper thickness.  Again, many competitors are cutting corners, especially on the Perma-Flex course, so it is important to monitor the thickness during the paving process. And of course, only licensed installers can use the registered trademark name of Perma-Flex, and install the product. 

Striping was completed the same day as the paving.  Even as the paving crew was making its last pulls, our striping crew was busy completing the striping process so that the lot was opened up to traffic before the late afternoon rush.

The manager of the Kroger store, Tom Saltalamacchio was ecstatic and very pleased with the way we planned the work, the efficiency of our crews and professionalism stating “You guys did such a great job, is there some kind of comment card, or survey I can fill out for you?”

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