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Chateau Elan

Chateau Elan is a very popular world-class hotel and resort with wineries, golf, and many other amenities located in North Georgia. We were called upon to perform approximately 5,000 square yards of repair work, followed by sealcoating the entire property. Due to the corona virus outbreak, the owners decided just to sealcoat the main entrance and amenities section of the property, approximately 20,000 square yards. This work was scheduled for 4 separate days (see attached color coded map). Work performed was a regular 2 coat spray application, using GEMSEAL POLYTAR sealer, the most superior sealer available on the market, and is the only type of sealer we use on our projects. As you can see by the attached before and after photos, the difference is quite amazing. More so due to the high quality of the POLYTAR, providing a stark difference with a nice dark color. The property owners were very happy with the outcome and we will complete the other half of the property in 2021.

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