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Georgia 400 Center

This large crackseal, repair, sealcoat, and re-striping project was the last sealcoating job that we performed in 2012, completing it just within the ideal weather parameters that are required according to our specifications as well as manufacturer’s specifications.  Georgia 400 Center is located in a prestigious area north of Atlanta, and is a very high profile office complex.  The property manager, who has been a loyal customer for over 15 years, called on us to complete this work to meet a very important deadline.  We only had a few weeks to complete this work, the last part of October and first week of November, which is our cut off date to perform sealcoating. Please visit this link which explains our sealcoating season:


The asphalt patching and cracksealing was performed the week before sealcoating commenced.  We patched approximately 365 square yards of deteriorated asphalt, and cracksealed approximately 25,000 lineal feet of cracks.  The sealcoating was performed in 6 different sections (see color coded map).  Usually we could complete a project like this in 2 separate weekends, usually 4 sections, but due to the shorter days and cooler temperatures, we did slightly smaller sections so that the sealer would have plenty of curing time and direct sunlight between coats.  The property manager was very helpful also, in letting us complete some small sections during the week.  We were blessed with great weather, most days in the lower 70’s, and we completed the job by our November 11th deadline.  The size of this project was 70,000 square yards, and total amount of sealer used was approximately 

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