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American Honda Motor Company

This full depth reclamation/pulverization project required us to remove and replace nearly 1,800 lineal feet of deteriorated concrete curb and gutter, pulverize and reclaim close to 6,000 square yards of deteriorated asphalt. The replacement consisted of 2,100 square yards using 2 inches of 19 mm asphalt, and 2 inches of 12.5 mm asphalt, and 3,900 square yards of 2 inches 19 mm asphalt and 1 inch of 9.5 mm.  Additional work included 432 square yards of full depth saw-cut patching, over 12,000 square yards of sealcoating, and then re-striping the entire facility.

When Honda first approached us, they wanted to excavate and replace all material down to the sub-base, then re-construct all asphalt drives and parking areas.  Not only would this have cost almost a third more than the reclamation/pulverization, but it would have taken over twice the time, had a huge affect on truck deliveries and facility operations, and due to the heavy rains we've had this summer, would have delayed the job for many weeks, and of course these soaking rains would have had a negative effect on sub-base and GAB base conditions prior to paving.  Based on this, we presented Honda the idea of using the reclamation/pulverization system, which allows us to use the existing materials that are already in place, and with the injection of stabilizing cement, the new base would be much harder/stronger and stable than any new virgin material that would be brought in. And of course, the cost savings using this process were considerable. Total completion time of the project, including curbing was less than 10 days with limited negative effect on truck deliveries and facility operations. Total project cost was a little over $ 300,000.00

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