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Flipper Temple Apartments

This project called for us to perform a full-depth reclamation/pulverization of the existing pavement, approximately 6,600 square yards,on a very old apartment complex that had been renovated.

Since this asphalt was very thick due to several overlayments in the past, we first milled and hauled off approximately 1.5 inches of existing pavement, leaving approximately 2 inches of old pavement in place. We then used an asphalt reclaimer to grind down through the existing pavement and into the base material, approximately 10 inches, thoroughly homogenizing the mixture, meanwhile injecting portland cement into the materials.  Any excess material was hauled off, and the new base material was soaked with water, then final graded and compacted.  This provides a new base material that is much stronger than any new base material that could be brought in, especially when the portland cement is injected.  We then paved the new base material with 2 inches (compacted) of 9.5 mm SUPERPAVE asphalt.  The lot was then re-striped.  This project was completed in only 4 working days, 2 separate days for the reclamation, and 2 days for the paving, keeping disruption to the apartment residents to a mimimum.

Asphalt full depth reclamation/pulverization is ideal for pavements that are severely distressed, especially those suffering from base/sub-base problems, where an asphalt overlay or perma-flex overlay is not an option.  Benefits for this type of paving include:


  • Reuse of existing materials eliminates disposal problems which means savings to the customer. 
  • Reduction in costs over hauling off asphalt and importing granular base material which again means savings to the customer.
  • Proven to conserve natural resources.
  • Faster project completion times.
  • Facilitates correction of pavement profile.
  • Reduction of heavy trucks on roadways hauling off broken asphalt and hauling in virgin materials.
  • Provides a stronger base than if new materials are brought in, which means a stronger, longer lasting job.


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