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Call Center Kennesaw, Georgia

This project is an office building occupied by a call center, owned by a long time repeat customer. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the employees were ordered to work from home, so the owners thought this would be an opportune time to re-pave and re-stripe the parking lot.

The scope of work required us to edge mill the parking lot, which enabled us to install the new asphalt flush with the curb and gutter; clean, tack coat, then pave with 1 inch (compacted thickness) of Perma-Flex asphalt, and 1 inch (compacted thickness) of 9.5 mm asphalt topping. Upon completion the parking areas were re-striped with 2 coats of traffic paint. Total square yardage of this project was a little over 7,000 square yards (see map attached with pictures below).

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