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Project Details

Northside Plaza/Food City

As one can see by the first few pictures, the rear of this shopping center in Dalton, Georgia is very deteriorated and unstable, so much, that a Perma-flex overlay would not be sufficient.  It was decided that a full depth pulverization and reclamation was the answer, providing a pavement far superior to the original, and providing durability for the heavy delivery trucks that frequent the rear of this center on a daily basis.

As in a normal reclamation/pulverization project, some of the asphalt needed to be milled down and hauled off, then the pulverization and reclamation process begins.  On this particular project we pulverized down 12-14 inches, hauled off approximately 700 tons of excess material, then mixed Portland cement with the remaining material, compacted with a sheep’s foot roller, then graded and compacted to final grade.  After this process is complete, the base material becomes as hard as concrete, thus providing a base far superior to the original construction base.  Area is then paved with 2 inches of 9.5 mm asphalt topping, and then re-striped.  Also approximately 390 lineal feet of damaged concrete curb and gutter was replaced.


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