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Horizon Ridge Best Buys Distribution Center

Horizon Ridge is an industrial warehouse/distribution center owned by long-time customer Duke Realty, and used as a main distribution center for Best Buys.   Since the work enveloped the truck court area, work needed be done when no truck activity was present.  This meant that we had to perform all of the edge milling, clean-up, and prep work on a Saturday night; then complete the paving on a Sunday.  The scope of work entailed edge milling the entire lot (approximately 7,000 square yards), then pave with 1 inch (compacted thickness) of Perma-Flex asphalt, and 1 inch (compacted thickness) of 9.5 mm asphalt topping, followed by re-striping all lines and pavement markings.  Additionally we had to raise all storm drains and manhole covers prior to paving.

Work was completed as planned with no problems, and the truck court was opened back up for truck activity that same Sunday evening.

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