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Avondale Estates

More and more communities such as Avondale Estates have been relying on Asphalt Enterprises to perform much needed asphalt repairs, sealcoating, and Perma-Flex overlays to their properties.  In fact, over the last few years homeowners associations have become a very important market segment for us.  This particular project presented many challenges due to the size, the spread out nature of the community, and also the many tight cul-de-sacs which can making paving much more difficult. Please see the Google map at the end of the photo section to get an idea of the size of the property.


All edges were milled prior to paving, then the entire community was paved with 1 inch compacted of Perma-Flex asphalt, and 1 inch compacted of asphalt topping.  After paving all lines and pavement markings were painted.  As with all projects of this type, prior to commencement the community was provided with color coded maps showing which areas were to be completed on each designated day, and also no parking signs were provided to remind residents where not to park.

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