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Douglas Commons Shopping Center

Another large shopping center anchored by Kroger and LongHorn Steakhouse was completed in May of 2018.  This project consisted of edge milling, then paving with 1 inch (compacted thickness) of Perma-Flex asphalt, followed by 1 inch (compacted thickness) of 9.5 mm asphalt topping.  All milling was completed at night before paving commenced.  Paving was then completed in sections as to minimize traffic interruption and give access to tenants.  Our representative provided colored coded maps to management, as well as face to face meetings with tenants to explain the scope of work and daily scheduling.  As you can see by the pictures below, all areas were barricaded securely as well as signage provided to warn of trip hazards in milled areas, men working signs and road closure signage.   Upon completion of paving, the parking lot was laid out and re-striped.  Total square yardage of paving was 12,600, which was the large majority of the total center.  Areas not paved were then sealcoated and re-striped shortly after completion of paving.

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