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Nexen Tire Distribution Center

This large distribution center located in Atlanta, had asphalt which was heavily oxidized, and suffered from long joint cracks, and severely dried out asphalt.  When pavement starts to lose its liquid asphalt content due to oxidation from ultra violet rays, the asphalt starts to shrink and pavement sections will separate, causing long cracks at the pavement joints. Of course, this will then allow water to penetrate down into the base with the result being pavement failures. It is paramount that these asphalt cracks are repaired in order to prevent any costly full depth repair of the asphalt. This project had over 7,000 lineal feet of such cracks, which we cleaned, and then applied a DOT approved, hot, rubberized crack sealant.  This work was performed after hours, which caused zero down time to the facility.  Because of our equipment capabilities, our crew completed this work in approximately 3.5 hours.

After the crack sealant cured for a week, we applied 2 coats of coal tar sealer, as per the manufacturer's specifications, then re-striped all lines and pavement markings.  The total area of asphalt amounted to nearly 15,000 square yards, and because of our equipment capabilities and experienced crews, we finished applying the second coat at 2:30 p.m. after starting the job at about 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday. This type of performance limits down time to the facility and demonstrates the type of capabilities of our crew and equipment.  We could have easily coated another 10,000 - 15,000 square yards of pavement on this particular day, a feat that very few contractors in the Atlanta area could achieve. 

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