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Concrete Replacement - First Industrial Realty

Over the last 5 or 6 years we have had more and more requests for concrete repair from many of our customers. Gradually, we have grown to where we can perform just about any type of concrete repair/replacement, from small sections of curbs, sidewalks to large parking lot replacements.  The project featured here is an example of a large concrete replacement on an industrial warehouse property.  First Industrial Realty is one of the largest industrial warehouse developers in the country, and has relied on Asphalt Enterprises, Inc. to perform work on numerous properties, ranging from total Perma-Flex overlays, to repair/sealcoat/stripe, to all size concrete repairs/replacements.

This particular project called for the excavation of approximately 20,500 square feet of severely cracked concrete, in 19 separate areas in the truck court.  The sub-base was then compacted, re-bar dowels installed every 18-24 inches, then fiber re-inforced 4,000 psi concrete poured, leveled, then finished.  Expansion joints were then saw-cut into the finished concrete.  Over 400 cubic yards of concrete were used on this project.  All through this project, tenant and traffic disruption was kept to a minimum.

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