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Project Details

Northland Place HOA

Northland Place is a small community located in Sandy Springs, Georgia where we have completed patching and sealcoating work in the past. As will all pavements, the time had arrived where the total property needed to be repaved. After providing the HOA with many options, the board finally appropriated the necessary funds.

Since the existing pavement was more than 4 inches thick we were able to mill down the pavement 2 inches then pave with 1 inch (compacted thickness) Perma-Flex asphalt and 1 inch (compacted thickness) of 9.5 mm asphalt topping. This type of application will provide the homeowners with an asphalt pavement that will last for many many years down the road.

Next year, after the pavement has cured properly, we will be sealcoating the property with one coat squeegee application and one coat spray.

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