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615 Stonehill

615 Stonehill is an industrial warehouse development of Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest real estate development companies in the United States.  This is the 5th project that we have completed for Panattoni over the last few years.

 The scope of work called for us to PERMA-FLEX pave a side lot of the development, milling down all edges prior to paving so that we could install the new asphalt flush with curbs and concrete aprons.  The remainder of the asphalt on the property was pulverized to a variable depth of 10 inches, pulverized material re-graded, excess material hauled off the property, pulverized material compacted with a vibratory sheeps foot roller, and then portland cement was mixed with the pulverized material at a rate of 50 lbs. per square yard.  The material was then hydrated and left to cure before paving.  Once the material was cured, the area was paved with 2 inches (compacted depth) of 12.5 mm SUPERPAVE with hydrated lime additive.  New asphalt was then re-striped.

Pulverization is an option when dealing with distressed pavements that are too deteriorated to overlay with conventional or Perma-Flex overlays, or for pavements that are deteriorated due to poor base / sub-base conditions.  The pulverization process allows us to use the old asphalt as the new base material, and with the addition of portland cement, the new base is stabilized and much stronger than the base at the time of original construction.  This provides a pavement that can last much longer than conventional pavements, especially when using SUPERPAVE asphalt with hydrated lime additives.

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