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The Avenues at West Cobb

This high profile shopping center is a sister property to The Avenue East Cobb which we recently paved and is also featured on the completed projects page.  Since this property is much newer, it only required crack sealing, sealcoating, and re-striping.

We crack sealed approximately 7,500 lineal feet of cracks with hot, rubberized asphalt crack sealant, then proceeded to sealcoat the total property with 2 coats of Gem Seal Poly Tar sealer.  Poly Tar sealer is the highest quality sealer on the market and is proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional sealers.  Using a colloid mill process, polymers are added to the refined tar prior to the manufacturing process.  This enhances the refined tar, which increases its elasticity and enhances its ability to rebound after stress.  This is different than conventional sealer where latex is added after the fact, enhancing the total mixture but not the raw refined tar.  This is what gives Poly Tar a huge advantage over conventional refined tar based sealer.

Other benefits of Poly Tar are: a blacker color than other sealers, more resistance to high temperatures which means less scuffing and tracking, retains sand better, much stronger and cohesive, more tensile strength.

Of course, the Poly Tar is applied in the same fashion as regular sealer and our normal protocols are always followed, i.e. traffic control and signs, flagmen, proper barricades, edging prior to applying sealer, using splatter boards during application, and allowing sealer to cure 2-3 days prior to striping.  As always, a color coded property map is supplied to property management as well as tenants.

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