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Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport

One of our most challenging projects to date, Asphalt Enterprises was proud to participate as a sub-contractor in the 2009 Airfield Pavement Repair Project at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Prior to working on the Airfield, all employees were subjected to an FBI background check for security reasons.  All employees then had to successfully complete 2 classes, one pertaining to safety, the other regarding security issues and protocol.  All drivers also had to successfully complete a driver’s safety class, which focused on driving within the confines of the airfield and near taxi-ways and runways.  After completion of the above, employees were issued security badges which granted them access to the Airfield and work areas, as well as company vehicles receiving permits to enter the premises.

Prior to commencing work, we had to submit a history of past projects to the Hartsfield-Jackson Development Program, to show that we were capable of performing the scope of work, as well as meeting all of their insurance requirements which included a $ 10 million liability requirement.

The scope of work included 3 separate phases: Fire Station 24 Access Road, Gate 79 Pavement Repair, and NLVR Shoulder Replacement.

The Fire Station 24 phase required us to pave an access road from the newly constructed Fire Station 24 to the taxi-way connected to runway 26R.  The specifications called for a prime coat applied to the installed GAB, 6 inches of 25 mm SUPERPAVE, liquid tack coat PG-64-22, then 2 inches of 9.5 mm SUPERPAVE.

The asphalt repair at Gate 79 required milling of the NLVR (airport loop road), cleaning and prepping, applying the liquid tack coat, then paving with 2 inches of 19 mm SUPERPAVE, then 2 inches of 12.5 mm SUPERPAVE.

The last and most challenging of the 3 phases was the shoulder replacement of the NLVR at the ends of runway 26L and 26R.  Approx. 2 miles of existing asphalt shoulder was milled down 12 inches and removed, and then 6 inches of GAB was installed and compacted.  We then placed 4 inches of 25 mm SUPERPAVE, applied the PG-64-22 liquid tack coat, and then placed 2 inches of 12.5 mm SUPERPAVE.  We used 3 different paving machines in the placement of the asphalt, a Midland P-6 Road Widener, a Leeboy 8500 paving machine, and a Leeboy 5000 cart path paver.  The width of the shoulders ranged from 5 feet to 10 feet, and the width of the shoulder dictated which machine would be used.

During the completion of the project, all subcontractors were subjected to random safety inspections by airport personnel, and we are proud to say that we received no safety violations in the 13 days that we worked on the project.

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