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Post Chastain Apartment Homes

Recently we completed the final phase paving of a 6 year project where we edge milled and Perma Flex paved Post Chastain Apartment Homes.  Based on their yearly budget, Post Properties allotted a certain amount of money each year to perform the milling and paving, starting with the entrance/office area, then each year performing work on sections of the back of the property.  Since Perma Flex paving holds up so well over the years, the entire property was eventually paved, with the final phase completed in June of 2012.  This approach is ideal for properties that are on a budget and cannot afford to mill and re-pave the entire property in one year.  We are in the process of performing this same work at more of Post Properties, with the hopes of having these properties completely paved on a 3 year plan. Next year we will sealcoat and stripe Post Chastain, thus protecting the new pavement, and also so that the pavement has one uniform black color, increasing the curb appeal.


As always, we provided the management with color coded maps, highlighting the areas that we would work each day, as well as providing "no parking" signs to notify residents as to where they should not park.

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