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Post Riverside

As mentioned in previous completed projects write-ups, Post Properties has been a loyal customer of Asphalt Enterprises since 1985. In fact, they our oldest repeat client.  We take great pride in this since Post Properties has always been the standard bearer when it comes to “A” property apartments homes in the Atlanta area.  One of their unique properties is Post Riverside, which was the first apartment in Atlanta to incorporate a “town square” as part of the development.  As you can see by the attached map the entrance to the development is a long winding parkway, which leads up to a town square, that houses small businesses and also a large office building where Post Properties corporate offices are located.  Then toward the back is a gated entrance to the main apartment community with over 500 units.  As one might imagine, sealcoating such a property is quite a challenge, with having to split drives, keep traffic moving via a coordinated traffic control plan, and not inconveniencing the small businesses in the Town Square area.

As you can see by the color coded map the property was split up in 4 sections to be completed in 4 days, then one final day for the striping.  Since this is the 4th time we have been called on to sealcoat this portion of the development, things went very well, and although still challenging, the job was completed without a hitch.  In fact the property manager stated that she received many compliments from the residents, praising our crews and traffic control.  Below is an email that a resident sent the property manager, along with the manager’s response:



Hi Meredith!

 I live in Post Riverside and on Saturday, I was expecting a furniture delivery in the afternoon.

 I was concerned about my truck not having good access to the lobby door. On my way off property, I stopped and asked the Asphalt Enterprises crew for advice.

 Luckily, I was approached by owner, Gerry, who quickly sprung into action. He said he'd seal the area in front of Princeton Hall immediately so it would have time to set by the time my truck arrived to park there. He also connected me with Supervisor, Matt, so we could make additional arrangements, even providing Matt's cell #.

 I walked outside our Mailroom around 3:30pm and ran into Matt. We stood there momentarily and my truck drove up. We walked over to Princeton Hall to meet them, and Matt began opening up the cobblestone area for my guys to park. My truck backed in, and about 20 minutes later, we were done. I came outside to thank Matt again, but he was already at the bottom of the driveway.

 I just want to say how pleased I am with the kindness and customer service that Asphalt Enterprises showed me on Saturday. They could have easily said they couldn't accommodate my delivery. They were extremely nice and understanding of my situation. They've done a spectacular job with Post Riverside. Awesome guys!!!


Thank you,

Wendy W.



Manager’s Response:

 Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this email.   It is so nice to hear that Gerry and his crew were so accommodating to you.    I have worked with Gerry and his crew on several different paving and sealcoating projects at various Post properties that I have managed, and I couldn't agree with you more.  I, too, think they do a spectacular job and are always great to work with.   Post uses Gerry's company for all of our paving projects, because we know that the job will be managed properly, and they will do everything they can to accommodate our residents.   Thanks again for your email.  Have a great rest of your week!


Meredith Schultz
Property Manager
Post Riverside

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