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Merchant’s Crossing Shopping Center

This project is another Kroger anchored shopping center managed by Brixmor Property Group (formerly Centro Properties).  The scope of work required us to Perma-Flex overlay approximately 17,000 square yards of deteriorated asphalt, as well as complete various full depth asphalt repairs.  As we always recommend to customers, all edges were milled down 2 inches so that the Perma-Flex overlay would be flush with the curb and gutters and other structures after the completion of asphalt paving.  And of course as we do on all projects of this size, a color coded property map was distributed to all tenants showing each days work.  

Since this project was completed in early November, in cooler temperatures, quick and proper compaction of the asphalt mix was paramount.  As you can see in the pictures, the steel drum asphalt rollers were literally right behind the paver, compacting the asphalt before it cooled down below ideal compaction temperatures. For the compaction of the Perma-Flex level, all compaction was done with a 8 ton vibratory steel drum roller.  For the asphalt topping level,  we used a 3 ton breakdown roller, which does the initial "breakdown" compaction, followed by a 5 ton intermediate roller.  The final rolling was performed by a pneumatic or also called "rubber tire" roller. The use of a pneumatic roller is vital in the compaction process of asphalt paving, in that, it is able to conform to the surface being paved.  Steel drum rollers do a great job in the initial phase of rolling, but they also bridge some areas of the asphalt mat being laid, whereas, the pneumatic roller kneads the hot mix asphalt, working each of the 9 oscillating tires into the asphalt mat. Not only does this achieve denser compaction, but it also drives the bigger aggregate in the mix down, and brings the fine aggregate to the top, actually sealing the asphalt better to eliminate voids and preventing water intrusion.

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