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Kroger Shopping Center

This Kroger anchored shopping center located in Marietta, Georgia is one of three we have under contract in 2012, to sealcoat and stripe using the squeegee/spray method.  As many know, a squeegee/spray application is far superior to the standard 2 coat spray method.  Please visit our frequently asked questions section, using the following link, to learn more about the squeegee/spray method. 

On this project we introduced our new SM 300 squeegee machine, which partnered with our existing Neal 210 squeegee that we have used successfully for years.  In the Atlanta area there are only a handful of contractors who have squeegee machines, and we are the only contractor with 2 in our equipment stable.  This means we can increase our production on projects, doing larger areas in less time, which means faster job completion for our customers.

Please note on this project the attention to detail that our employees use in applying the sealer. Much care is taken in the edging out process, along with the use of splatter boards during the spraying process to keep sealer overspray off the curbs and concrete aprons.  We also use masking tape on all areas where the sealer stops, leaving a nice crisp line on entrance/exit areas.  Most of the employees on this particular crew have been with the company 15-20 years, with one being with the company 25 years.  Without hesitation we can say that there is no other asphalt paving/sealcoating company in the Atlanta area with this type of experience.  This means that our customers have on their jobs some of the most experienced sealcoating applicators in the United States, ensuring them that the sealant will be applied as per specifications, and in an experienced and safe manner.

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